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La vie est belle's Journal

21st December, 2004. 1:04 pm.

Wow. First update in ages, so many many apologies.

Uni's been mad; it still is pretty mad, and I've still got a dissertation to write over the Christmas break, but I'm really looking forward to Jan 28th - that's the date everythings handed in and I've no more written work after that^_^

On a positive note, we've been cast in our final production. We're doing 'Our Country's Good' by Timberlake Wertenbaker, and I've been cast as Liz Morden. I can't explain how unbelievably chuffed I am about that^_^

And on an even more positive note, JK Rowling has announced that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be out on July 16th 2005! I'm so excited! Merry Christmas everyone^_^

Current mood: excited.

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15th October, 2004. 10:32 pm.

I've just got back from seeing this amazing duo. For those of you who don't know I'm a very big fan of english folk music, and I just saw John Spiers and Jon Boden live. The set was amazing. Damn amazing^_^ The down side to it is that the venue is my theatre practise space at uni, and the uni have just decided that the folk nights they put on don't make enough money, and this gig is the penultimate one. I don't understand why it's not more popular, it's such a crying shame that more people don't understand the beauty of live music. You can feel it in your very body, making you want to get up and dance. That just doesn't happen to me if the music isn't *real.* People seem to be ashamed to be english, and to embrace what it means to be english. To me, that's missing out on heritage and tradition. We've got some beautiful music coming out of our fair isle that spans centuries, but people don't acknowledge it. Well, I'm proud to say I'm english, if it means saying that I love folk music.

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3rd October, 2004. 10:25 pm.

I've only gone and bloody got myself a job! Ahhh, yeah!
Tomorrow I'll be starting a part time job at the UCI Cinema here. Can't wait. I get free movies, free popcorn, and paid^_^ So hopefully I'll actually be able to pay my rent, and my university fees.

Anyways, I can't wait to get started. I've been spending a lot of money lately, since I got my loan; some really cool new baggies, the Star Wars box set, both series of The Young Ones on DVD, series 2 of Black Books on DVD, the 3 DVD box set of Spaced, all sorts of marvelous shizzle. And tomorrow, I may well treat myself to some tofu^_^

Speaking of Star Wars, I'm also REALLY FUCKING ANGRY! I'd heard a rumour regarding the end of Return of the Jedi, and it's only bloody true. Lucas has fucked it up even more. He's replaced the old guy who played Anakin with that fucking Haydyn twerp. Or at least, he's replaced Anakin's ghost. So anyone who watched them now, but who has (blessedly) managed to avoid the new ones will be sat there thinking, 'Who the hell is that?' I just can't understand why he'd want to ruin it further - it makes no sense. The guys a grade A moron. Dickhead.

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21st September, 2004. 4:37 pm. Back in Preston

Well, I made it back to uni, despite the nightmare journey from hell up here - my trains were all late, so I only made my connecting trains by literally about 5 seconds. Bloody British transport systems...Grrrr.....

My house is gorgeous - wooden beams on the ceiling, and I've always wanted to live in a house with wooden beams^_^

And, I'm living with some wonderful, wonderful people^_^ We invented a great game last night - kinda like paper scissors stone, but you can say *anything* and then debate between yourselves which one wins. For example, a typical match could be between Donkey Kong and curtains. Blatantly Donkey Kong wins.

Oooh, dear. Got mighty drunk the other night at a party. Stupid drunk in fact. I fell over and have hurt my knee quite badly. Its black and very painful, and I can't quite understand how I didn't realise how painful it was at the time. I was *that* drunk.

Man, I love university life....^_^

Current mood: blah.

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17th September, 2004. 8:39 pm.

Hey everyone, just thought I'd let you all know I'm going back to uni tomorrow, so if I don't update regularly then many apologies. It's my final year, so I suppose I should probably concentrate more on my studies than on lj(^_^)

Still, I'll be living really near the library, so I suppose I *could* make a bit of extra time to pop in there.....

Anyhoos, love and lollipops to all, #we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when# but I sure as hell hope it isn't pouring with rain when we do <3

Current mood: nervous.

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15th September, 2004. 1:36 pm.

Just heard, there's another vote in the House of Commons tonight about the anti-hunting bill. Looks like it's finally going to get passed. I know you can never predict how the commons will vote, but Blair has said that if it gets passed through the commons and gets rejected at the House of Lords, there's some old legislation meaning he can pass it through anyway. Can't remember the full details of it, but that's not the point here. The point is, fox hunting with dogs may finally be illegal by 2006.

Why is it taking that long? Well, partly I think this is cowardice on the part of Tony. After all, with the general elections coming up he doesn't want to alienate a huge part of the electorate. He has said it's so that the hunting communities can get used to not hunting. Well, someone's going to have to enforce them not hunting because some toffy wanker on the tv just said that he doesn't care if it is illegal, he'd rather go to prison that not hunt. Fine by me. Send the lot of them to prison. They wouldn't last 2 minutes inside, so in my book, it's the best place for them.

They're still falling on the age old arguments. Firstly, we'd be over run by foxes if they weren't hunted. As I've said before this is not the case. And even if it were, surely then the best option would be to shoot them. One man and a gun must be the more humane option? I didn't think it took 50 men on horse back and 200 dogs to kill one fox. Surely thats overkill. And if it were solely about over population, wouldn't the fox be killed on sight? Rather than captured so that the blood hounds can get the scent of that particular fox, only for it to be released and then hunted?

Secondly, all the dogs would have to be put down. If we (as anti-hunt supporters) are so concerned about animal rights, why aren't we concerned about the welfare of the dogs. Well, we are. Which is why we support a ban. Not all the dogs would have to be put down, many could be re-homed. Anyway, when they get to a certain age they're put down anyway because they're of no further use to the hunters. And if a ban were enforced then hunting dogs wouldn't be so intensively bred; there wouldn't be so many to re-home. Besides, the treatment of hunting dogs is appalling. They are mostly tormented and starved, which is why they go after the foxes with such ferocity.

All in all, I'll be very grateful when this bill goes through.

Current mood: hopeful.

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13th September, 2004. 1:33 pm.

Sorry to everyone for not updating recently.

The fact is, I've been here, in my room, getting stoned with mates and watching Shaun of the Dead, and that's been pretty much my life since I bought the DVD last Monday. I'm going to have to go to a counselling group because it's become a very unhealthy obsession. My skin tone is turning to grey as I spend less and less time outdoors. My eyes are becoming sightless. I have, however, retained my basic motor functions, meaning I can skin up on automatic pilot. Thankfully, I have not, as yet, developed a taste for human flesh.

So, if I do join the ranks of the undead, please forgive me, but don't kill me. I haven't eaten anyone, and as long as I've got my movies I'll keep quiet and wont make a fuss. Thanks.

Current mood: high.

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3rd September, 2004. 5:39 pm. The most random post I've done.

This is probably a really stupid question, but who cares? Does anyone know how to blow smoke rings? I need to learn for the adaptation of Dr Faustus I'm doing, and for the life of me I can't figure it out. Thanks^_^

Current mood: cranky.

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2nd September, 2004. 5:14 pm. my new cv photo^_^

Well, my new cv photo finally arrived today, meaning I'll now be able to send it off to agents and such like. So hopefully, I'll be able to get an agent by next June, when I'll be finishing uni, and will be out in the real world. It's a shit that I've got such a naff scanner that its put a line through the middle, but other than that I'm pleased with it.

So, if anyone was wondering what I look like, here I am! (After about an hour in make-up, *shuffles feet guiltily*) But you get the idea^_^

Current mood: chipper.

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31st August, 2004. 5:29 pm.

Thanks to destinyisdead for my Papa Lazarou icon!

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